Pelvic Floor + Strong Core

This program provides fundamental knowledge that will help you get the full benefit of your routine and leave you feeling stronger. It’s an excellent guide to build your core strength and achieve proper core engagement. With some exercises that may help ease some of the pelvic floor problems and abnormalities. How? By taking you through the 4 stages of achieving a strong core. Every step is guided and cued precisely, starting with your pelvic floor strength, up to quite challenging core exercises.

Postnatal mamas can benefit from it too, as it serves as a supplementary healing program that can help them regain core and pelvic strength.


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Why is this book for you?

If you’re beginning a Pilates routine, this book provides fundamental knowledge that will help you get the full benefit of your routine, and leave you feeling stronger and more balanced. If you’re an experienced Pilates practitioner, this should serve as a refresher.

If you have a weak core and you want to build strength, then this is an excellent guide for proper core engagement and in turn more strength.

If you have a weakened, tight, or stretched pelvic floor and suffering from any pelvic floor abnormalities, problems or issues such as prolapse, leakage, an overactive pelvis, or abdominal separation, some of the exercises in this book may help ease your problems or pain associated with it. Please consult your doctor, healthcare provider or physical therapist before beginning any of the exercises or routines recommended in this book.

If you’re post-natal, this can serve as a supplementary healing program that can help you regain core and pelvis strength. Some of the stretches and exercises included herein may be useful for those with diastases recti (abdominal separation).

If you’re struggling with finding balance during exercise and workouts, this book can provide a roadmap for creating more fulfilling and wholesome routines.

"I always find it useful to remember, that the human body – our beautiful, flawed, injured, scarred, whole, perfect bodies – are very different. Different people respond to different things, depending on their history of physical activity, self-care, pain, trauma, and a million other factors that contribute to how unique their bodies have become. To help a body recover, heal, strengthen, or rejuvenate, we have to embark on a continuous journey of learning, re-creating, pivoting and adjusting. Knowing how to do that is art. It takes time, compassion, and patience but it’s the key to success under this system. It has the potential to change your life forever, as it has changed mine. In this book, I extend my knowledge, powered by rigorous training, teaching experience and the wisdom that I have picked up from the mentors, teachers, gurus and tutors that have shaped my understanding of the system and contributed to the Pilates itself over the years, as well as a helping hand to anyone who would like to take first steps on this path."