About Us

Pilates and barre instructor

An architect and a mother of three, Yousra fell in love with Pilates 10 years ago as it helped her recover from severe back pain and gradually get back into shape.

Driven by deep passion for the fitness system and trust in its power to positively transform her body, she decided it to make it her profession so that others can benefit from it like she did.

Yousra has been certified for Matwork and Reformer by Pilates Moves Australia. She also received certification for pre- and post-natal Pilates from Bodyhack UAE and more by Total Barre and Body Control UK. Soon after, she started designing her own routines and helping clients lean into their strengths and take it one step at a time.

Yousra takes pride in the details: Knowing the right cue for every movement and transition, successfully easing people into their “perfect” posture, and investing emotionally and physically in a routine.

Helping people find their balance and transform their bodies and mind is all the reward she needs. “It’s what makes it so easy to go on, even on stressful days,” she says. “It’s the human body and our bodies are different, so it’s an endless process of learning, creating, and adjusting. Like architecture and design, knowing how to do that is art. It takes time, but it is very rewarding and it’s the key to success under this system. It has the potential to change your life forever.”